At The Community Library In Ketchum, Idaho via Slideshare.

Photo by Gerry Morrison.

John has written an unpublished book, History of Ski Jumping in Washington, the Influence of Norwegians on Northwest Skiing, and he has given several Power Point presentations on the topic in Seattle.

John and his brother Steve have written an unpublished book about their grandfather using original sources obtained from him, From Cheechako to Sourdough, Mark Odell’s Adventures in the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898. The book includes over 100 pictures taken by his party using one of the first Kodak cameras available to the public. Although five professional photographers went to the gold rush and took high quality pictures, there are few if any pictures taken by the prospectors showing their daily life.

John helped to start the Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum that opened in October 2015, on Snoqualmie Pass, and has done extensive research into the ski history of Washington State. He published 17 Essays on, the on-line encyclopedia of Washington History, on the state’s ski history, Washington’s general history, and his family’s history. A number of his longer papers on Washington ski history appear on the Central Washington University Website Section for Local Authors. Their web addresses appear elsewhere.

Several of John’s papers appear on the Mountains to Sound Greenway Trust Blog.

John’s paper, Milwaukee Ski Bowl, 1938-1950: Revolution in Local Skiing, appears on the websites of the Milwaukee Railroad Archive and the International Ski History Association.

John’s extended paper, Sigurd Hall: 1910 – 1940 Ski Racer & Mountaineer, A Life Tragically Ended too Soon in the Silver Skis Race on Mt. Rainier in 1940, (which was published as a book in Norway by Hall’s relatives), can be found on, Lowell Skoog’s website about backcountry skiing in Washington.

John’s paper, Military Personnel Learn to Ski at Snoqualmie Pass During WW II, can be found on the website of Sahalie Ski Club.

John and Steve Lundin’s paper, Cornell’s Influence on Washington and West Coast Rowing, can be found on the Friends of Rowing History Website, (formerly the National Maritime Museum in Newport, Rhode Island).

John’s paper, Use of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Federal Criminal Cases, presented as a Criminal Justice Administration Continuing Legal Education program on January 9, 2013, is available on the website of the Federal Public Defender’s Office. Access limited to Criminal Justice Act Attorneys. Contact John W. Lundin if you are interested in the paper.


In Seattle, John and his brother Steve have given Power Point presentations about their grandfather, Mark Odell’s Adventures in the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898, to the Washington Pioneer Association and the English Speaking Union.

John has given Power Point presentations on The History of Ski Jumping in Washington, the Norwegian’s Influence on Northwest Skiing, at the Nordic Heritage Museum and the Leif Eriksen Lodge.

In Sun Valley, John has given five Power Point presentations at The Community Library, which can be accessed through its website:

July 2014: John gave two presentations on the Oregon Short Line Railroad as part of the celebration of the 130th anniversary of the arrival of the railroad at Ketchum:

  • History of the Oregon Short Line Railroad.
  • Impact of the Oregon Short Line Railroad on the Wood River Valley
    An article about the presentations appeared in The Weekly Sun on July 16, 2014, “A Railroad Ran Through It”

June 2015: John gave presentations on two topics:

  • History of Wood River Valley’s Resort Hotels before Sun Valley: Hailey Hot Springs and Guyer Hot Springs. An article about the presentation appeared in Eye on Sun Valley on July 15, 2015, “Before the Lodge: Slide Show Focuses on Sun Valley’s Early Resorts” 
  • The Philadelphia Smelter: Key Component of the Silver Boom of the 1880s; Wood River Valley’s Largest Employer, and the Processing Facility for the Silver Ore Mined Locally. An article about the presentation appeared in Eye on Sun Valley on July 15, 2016, “Laying the Foundation for Today

July 2016: As part of the Smithsonian exhibit on water issues, John gave a presentation on: